Why use ITIL®?

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has served as a valuable management resource and project governance framework to businesses, both in the IT industry and out, for more than two decades.

Software is at forefront of improving customer experience and service delivery. Efficient IT services are more important than ever to the success of your business.

Here is a quick guide as to how ITIL can ensure your success and why you should consider implementing this tried-and-tested strategy.

What is ITIL?

With the impact of modern technology on businesses, IT has become the universal language when evaluating the performance of an organization. Since its introduction in the late 1980s ITIL has remained a standard bearer for the successful functioning of IT in business.

ITIL is both a training course and IT service management framework. Training ranges from the entry-level Foundation training, to expert-level enterprise qualifications designed around the unique needs of your organization.

The benefits of ITIL

ITIL as a framework can be adapted to a range of business needs, from driving sales to improving service delivery.

The structured nature of ITIL training means that it can be tailored to the size of your workforce, their individual roles and skill-sets.

Many businesses suffer as a result of their viewing IT as simply a safety net for their daily practices when in fact, it should be used as a primary proponent of commerce and customer service.

This fosters a ‘blame culture’, when key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level agreements (SLAs) clash in cross-departmental processes, a mutual lack of understanding can cause frustration.

In response, ITIL was updated in 2007 to reflect a ‘life-cycle’ approach to integrating business and IT aspects of an organization.

The key features of this change are:

Service Strategy

Service strategy identifies business objectives and requirements. It also assesses the demand for IT service and financial assets.

Service Design

Calibrates your service strategy to align with your businesses’ IT capacity and ability to manage IT-related risks. In addition, helps mediate your relationship with third-party IT suppliers.

Service Transition

Accurately assesses and manages the introduction and refocus of IT services in your business.

Service Operation

Promotes a centralized, proactive approach to daily IT service delivery and incident management.

Continual Service Improvement

Harnesses and maintains the value of your IT services with regular reviews and improvements.

The success of ITIL

ITIL has been implemented in thousands of businesses, both large and small. This includes some of the most recognized brands and companies world-wide.

A 2008 case study of the financial industry details how implementing the ITIL life-cycle approach repositions IT support as proactive (value-creating) rather than a reactive (value-retaining) service.

The principle of continual service improvement gives IT services the information needed to put together constructive, productive action plans, rather than simply responding to common complaints.

The report details how adopting ITIL led to increased KPI performance an improved user satisfaction over the average month.

Considering economic conditions in 2020, it is understandable that many be tentative to invest in a complete restructuring of their IT departments.

The ROI for ITIL is aided by its adaptable structure. Business-owners who constantly review their financial assets and devise cost-reduction strategies will be greatly aided by the increased efficiency of their organization’s ability to solve problems and manage risks.

When ITIL is implemented as the primary framework for your organization’s IT department, business owners are given full control over the time and scale in which changes are implemented. This helps prevent business objectives from being disrupted in what could otherwise be a lengthy and rigid process.

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