ITIL Service Support

Service Support comprises those disciplines that enable IT Services to be provided. The 5 recognised disciplines are:

Configuration Management
This is the implementation of a database (Configuration Management Database - CMDB) that contains details of the organizationís elements that are used in the provision and management of its IT services. This is more than just an Ďasset registerí, as it will contain information that relates to the maintenance, movement, and problems experienced with the Configuration Items.

Problem Management
Problem Management is the resolution and prevention of incidents that affect the normal running of an organizationís IT services.

Change Management
Change Management is the practice of ensuring all changes to Configuration Items are carried out in a planned and authorised manner.

Help Desk
The Help Desk is very often the first contact users have in their use of IT Services when something does not work as expected.

Software Control and Distribution
This is the management of software development, installation and support.

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