ITIL service management

ITIL (, the IT Infrastructure Library) is essentially a representation of best practice for IT service management. It comprises a series of books and information which provide guidance on the quality provision of IT services.

Despite its relative youth, ITIL is already in use in hundreds of organizations across the world.

This portal is intended to provide background and information on both ITIL and service management. It also provides details of a number of related products and texts, some of which are core to ITIL itself. Hopefully it will help you to ensure the quality management of both your IT services and IT infrastructure.

ITIL Toolkit
ITIL Books & CD

The ITIL Toolkit is a set of documents designed to help you embrace ITIL more easily and more effectively. It includes items such as an ITIL beginners guide, management presentation, fact sheets, and ITIL audit questionnaires.

We have brought together the core ITIL documentation, the ITIL CD and a range of supporting documentation

ICT Infrastructure Management covers network service management, operations management, management of local processors, computer installation and acceptance, and systems management.

ITIL & Security
ITIL Information
The BS15000 ITSM Kit

Quality service management fully embraces the management of both risk and baseline security. A quality toolset is essential.

Service support and service delivery are the first two ITIL sets and are the over-arching practices to enable quality service management.

The IT Service Managment Kit comprises a code of practice for service management, a self assessment workbook to check compliance and a copy of the BS15000 service management standard.

Further Information

Contingency planning is the process of ensuring that IT Services can continue should a serious incident occur. Clearly, this is a fundamental part of service management.

For more information on ITIL or service management generally, please contact us

For specific information on ITIL itself, we also recommend ITIL and ITSM World.

BS15000 / BS 15000 is a standard for IT service management. It covers various inter-related management processes, and is based heavily upon the ITIL framework.



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Disaster Recovery World provides for contingency management & planning

BS15000 can now be purchased online from the Electronic Shop

A comprehensive set of security policies can be obtained from the Information Security Policies Group

Security risk analysis is also essential to top quality IT service management

The FTC is the main consumer protection agency in the US.

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